Monday, February 7, 2011

Social Media reacts to Bridgestone, Bieber and "Big Game" ads...

As many Canadians know, we don’t get to see the multi-million dollar mini-movies known as “Super Bowl Commercials”. We get stuck watching local ads which tend to be previews for Canadian shows which are often only on air at all to meet government regulated Canadian-content laws.

So we have to scurry to YouTube to catch the big ads, the movie trailers and to see what everyone south of us is tweeting, facebooking and blogging about.

Bridgestone came out a winner. Check out this clip to see “Reply All” which quite simply kicks ass:

Props must also be given to CANADIAN Justin Bieber who starred with Ozzy in a Best Buy ad. You can see the Bieber ad in the link below… outlines which spots were most discussed online and HOW they were discussed by gauging the tone. Bridgestone had both ads at over 90 per cent positive. TiVo was able to show how often specific ads were replayed. Click here to read the article.

- John

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